Autographs of the World's sister company, Charity Fundraising Auctions (CFA), has a dedicated Auction Service Team of highly professional and knowledgeable individuals. The Team is lead by Hamilton Bland who can be contacted on + 44 (0)1926 485444 or email

CFA regularly administers, organises and fulfils every aspect of auctions for major charities (Including the NSPCC, The Outward Bound Trust, Destination Florida, The Spinal Foundation, The Gentlemen’s Night Out, The Motor Industry Association and many more) and other fundraising organisations at premier hotels and other locations throughout the United Kingdom. 

During 2015 we organized over 100 Silent and Main Auctions and assisted in raising over £6m for UK charities! Testimonials are available on request. 


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Types of Auction


There are two types of auction: 

1. Main Auctions


Charity Fundraising Auctions supply selected items on a sale or return basis for main auctions. 

CFA do not, under any circumstances "share" in the amounts realised, they simply take their reserve price and whatever is raised above this price is retained by the charity. 

Hamilton Bland, former BBC TV commentator who is extremely knowledgeable in this field (he founded, was Executive Chairman and major shareholder of Sportizus Ltd., Europe's largest memorabilia retailers with 19 stores in the UK and a turnover of circa £5m) often acts as Auctioneer and manages to maximize the potential from every lot at auction!

Hamilton travels the world purchasing the best and most up to date items with definitive provenance. 

Most of our items are totally exclusive to us. 

Hamilton will discuss with you the most suitable items for your occasion. 

We supply Auctioneer's Notes for each item to enable the best possible description of them to be given and the best possible prices achieved. We also supply Table Leaflets in order that the guests are fully au fait with the lots well before they are announced. 

There is absolutely no risk on your part whatsoever. 

At a recent auction we lent a charity just 8 items which netted an amazing £55,000!


2. Silent Auctions


These are great fun! 

Charity Fundraising Auctions are extremely skilled at staging these auctions. 

The process is:

  1. The list of between 20 and 100 items from many different categories (sport, tv/film/music etc) is agreed upon.
  2. CFA arrive at the event some 2 hours or so beforehand and set up the professionally lit display stand with the entire product beautifully displayed on it. This includes a purpose made table which hold the bid sheets which are produced by us (complete with the charity's name and logo etc). The bid sheets indicate the "Minimum Bid" amount.
  3. At the start of the dinner the MC for the evening announces that the Silent Auction is now open and will close at (say) 11pm.
  4. During the course of the evening bids are added to the sheets and the highest bid at the close secures the item.
  5. The CFA Team then take payment for the items (using mobile electronic pdq terminals) and wrap the items for the clients.
  6. Subsequent to the event CFA provide a complete statement for the auction to the charity together with a cheque.


Once again there is absolutely no risk and certainly no cost to the charity whatsoever. 

Silent Auctions provide another exciting dimension to your event and provide an opportunity for those who might not wish to bid publicly in the Main Auction for items (or can't afford to do so!). 

The best part of it all is that we will organise the whole thing for you. 

Contact Hamilton on + 44 (0)1926 485444  or email
We will be only too pleased to send you a copy of our brochure. Give your Fundraising the Star treatment! You won't regret it!