1. Are all your items authentic signatures or copies? 
Autographs of the World deal in authentic signatures.  

2. I am thinking of collecting autographs. Where should I start? 
As with any hobby, knowledge will be gained through experience. Think of something you have an interest in. For instance if you are a Man Utd fan, start with modern or vintage - Giggs or George Best. Then, build your collection to make it a "whole" - try to complete the team/squad. You can then move around all sorts of memorabilia - signed shirts, balls, prints etc. The important thing to remember is to collect something that gives you pleasure. 

3. How should I display an item? 
If you have bought something unframed, a good quality album is the best way to keep the item undamaged. Our professional framing service uses high quality acid-free mounts and standard glass. There are a few things to remember when hanging a piece - don't hang it in direct sunlight. Don't hang it near powerful spotlights or in high temperatures as this can fade the signature or affect the photograph. Wipe the frame with a soft duster and use either a damp cloth or glass polish for the frame. 

4. Should I insure my autograph? 
Depending on the size and value of your collection we recommend including your collection in your standard house and contents insurance. For rarer high value items we recommend extra insurance. The invoice you receive with anything purchased from Autographs of the World will be proof of the value required for insurance.